A Comparison of the Top Three Vertical Jump Programs

Published: 08th April 2009
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There are so many people out there who think dunking is just for the pros. With the development of vertical jump training programs, however, increasing your vertical is no longer a distant dream.
I investigated the three top vertical jump programs side by side, and although each program had its good and bad points, there was one program that was a clear winner in terms of its results, personal coaching, value for the price, and verifiable testimonials. It's called The Jump Manual, written by athletic coach Jacob Hiller. I learned that if a 5'5 guy can dunk, you can too.

Only One Program Provided Me With Verifiable Testimonials

After making it my mission to investigate the top selling vertical jump programs and which ones actually worked, I chose the top three, in the following order: The Jump Manual, The Vertical Project, and The Vertical Jump Development Bible. After contacting all three authors, only one of them put me in touch with real people who got the results they wanted. The Vertical Project never answered my request at all, and the other author, Kelly Baggett, simply referred me to the testimonial page--which everyone wonders if testimonials are fake or not. But the testimonials are 100% verifiable with the Jump Manual, and Jacob Hiller was more than happy to put me in touch with his players, including a 5'5 now-dunker.

#1) The Jump Manual

The Jump Manual is the only program that guarantees 10 inches minimum gain or your money back.
The creator of the program, Jacob Hiller, has been developing his vertical jump program fundamentals for 8 years. As the newest program available, The Jump Manual implements all of the latest developments in vertical jump training. Jacob Hiller has helped hundreds of athletes to better their vertical with the use of nine important yet frequently ignored facets of training.

The other important things about this program include:

A Multi-Faceted Approach. The Jump Manual embraces the idea that the way to get the fastest gains is to do exercises that encompass a wide range of work-outs--unlike a lot of programs that only focus on a single type of exercise.

Videos. Unlike a lot of other programs, this one is very visually appealing. There are videos for all of the exercises, so there's no question how to do the work-outs. And you can see for yourself that Jacob is a trained athlete himself, and knows what he's talking about. I cannot emphasize how much it helped to understand a concept by watching a video of the exercise instead of just reading about it. Which would you prefer, to read about an exercise or to see it being done the way it's supposed to be done? Also, I was told Jacob sends regular updates to his customers, with free bonuses like an interview with one of the top basketball shooting coaches in the world.

Simplicity. The program is very simple and easy-to-use. Jacob Hiller explains the concepts in The Jump Manual in a very clear, easy-to-understand way, even difficult ideas like plyometrics.

One-on-One Coaching. This program has a very personal touch to it. With some other programs you'll be blown away by the hype, and you'll get ignored once you give out your credit card number. Jacob does unlimited email coaching for the first month of the program for free, and then if you choose you can continue on a cost-per-monthly basis.
This in and of itself is worth the price because mentoring is one of the keys to every athlete's success.

Scientific Principles. Jacob Hiller is an experienced and certified athletic trainer. He uses real fitness principles to get results, so there's no need for hype or ambiguity. He spells everything out succinctly. If you obey these proven principles, he claims, the results have to come.

Results. This is the greatest part...the website claims that no one who has completed the program has asked for their money back. That means 100% customer satisfaction... I'm convinced this is the best product out there. I recommend this program for anyone who is serious about getting results, who would enjoy personal coaching from an expert, and who is looking for a program that provides a safe, healthy way to achieve those goals.

A link to this program's website can be found in the author bio box if you are interested in learning more.

#2) The Vertical Project

The Vertical Project gets second place in my review. The hype when you visit the website ("it's worthy of a Nobel Prize!") might make you laugh. His promise is to gain 8 inches or your money back plus $100. Luke Lowery's claim that his program is the equivalent of a Ferrari explains why his program is one of the most expensive out there. Also, when I emailed and asked for testimonials, I got a mass email response saying Luke Lowery was WAY too busy to get back to me, which made me feel that as a potential customer, I was getting ignored.

If you are into getting the most information you can on a subject, this program is the largest. However, the program is so complicated, detailed, and long many athletes will feel hard-pressed to complete it.

The best part about this program is the many bonuses, which include ideas on spirituality, diet, extra exercises and more. But I'm going to be honest with you. There's so much information and so many intense requirements that an average athlete could get a little lost in trying to complete them. I'm guessing nobody actually implements everything in this book. Most athletes just want to jump higher by buying this program, not have to go digging for the information they need. The program is difficult to follow to exactness, so getting your money back-or figuring out how to gain the maximum number of inches-may be harder than you think. Also, Luke Lowery makes a huge deal about the fact that he went from a 33 to a 41 inch vertical, but most of us want to see greater gains than that. I would recommend this program only for those who want to delve into every detail behind training your vertical, and who are less interested in getting results. See for yourself by using the link in the author bio box for The Vertical Project.

#3) The Vertical Jump Development Bible

This program comes in third place. Kelly Baggett at least answered my email even if he turned down my request to put me in touch with real athletes. This program has the same down-to-earth feel as The Jump Manual, and it's pretty clear Baggett knows his stuff: the program seems to be based on scientific principles. His explanations of these principles, however, are at times difficult to understand.

This program is reasonably priced but you wouldn't want to pay more: this is just a PDF document with some photos. The program is a bearable 150 pages, with more than half of the document being exercise descriptions. According to his website, he gained almost 20 inches applying these principles. I think this program can work, but wading through the long text is difficult. Visually and organizationally, this program is less likely to get you excited about getting the vertical you want. The whole program just feels a little outdated.

Overall, though, this program will probably still get you results while being the lowest priced. The problem is, his only guarantee is results-not a specific number of inches. The program also includes several bonuses. I recommend this program for someone who can't afford to pay more than $40 for a training program. Check out the author bio box for a link to The Vertical Jump Development Bible homepage.

To sum up...

Whichever program you choose depends on your budget, your desire for success, and how much gain you want to see. The Jump Manual is reasonably priced, guarantees the most amount of inch gain, includes unlimited coaching for a month, and provides verifiable successful testimonials, causing me to conclude that currently there is no better program out there for the athlete who wants to increase his or her vertical.

Check out a link to The Jump Manual website in the author bio box to learn more about this program that's been tested by university professors for its accuracy in obeying scientific principles to achieve success.
Joey Listler has researched extensively how to jump higher as a basketball and volleyball player. Visit to learn more about the most successful jump training system. Visit the other programs here:The Vertical Jump Development Bible and here: The Vertical Project.

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