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Published: 15th April 2009
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Consumers always complain the high price of eyeglasses and the huge profit in eyeglasses industry; while businessmen in the eyeglasses industry claim that they haven't got that so-called "huge profit", which results in a fierce debate.

As we all know, one frame made in Italy only costs $25, but it could be sold at the retail price of $150 in America. Of course, it is not difficult to find your favorite eyeglasses, especially those limited-edition eyeglasses with the symbols of the designers; however, those exclusive ones tend to have a price label on which the price is higher than $350.

The eyeglasses industry is a special one that it deals in semi-manufactured goods. Those goods should be processed by another middleman before they are sold out to customers. Thus, the profit in this industry is unable to account. At the same time, the information in this industry is not transparent. Not like electric machines or cell phones, less or even no ads would be launched for eyeglasses. As a result of that, the imbalance of information occurs between customers and sellers. Those factors cause the debate of "eyeglasses industry: sudden huge profits or not?"

"A pair of glasses is just made of some metal or plastics, and it is not one kind of high-tech product. Why is the price of these glasses so high?" Most of us complain about that. We all firmly believe that eyeglasses industry is a field of sudden huge profits. However, the businesspeople in the eyeglasses industry don't think so, and they always moan and groan that they don't make so much profit. We may look into the inner side of eyeglasses industry, and then we can know who is on the right side.

Actually, the purchase of eyeglasses is a personal service, which involves the steps of prescription, process, adaption, countercheck, and so on. Normally speaking, it will take half an hour or an hour for the optician to have your eyes checked. If the patient's eye condition is complex, it may involve more than two hours. It will cost money. Moreover, it needs more technology to process high-quality glasses, so the cost may soar up. In the terms of operating cost, it could be divided those parts: the rent, the payment of manpower, the cost in market research, the cost of equipment and so on. After ticking out those costs, it may left little profit margin for the businesspeople, if they don't raise the price of eyeglasses.

Then as for manufacturers in the eyeglasses industry, they could avoid to make the prices of glasses high for they need to struggle their life. At the same time, people buying the eyeglasses are reluctant to pay high price. Where is the solution? Purchase eyeglasses online.

As the maturity of e-commerce, eyeglasses, as a kind of special goods, could be brought on the internet. A 78-years-old woman called Betty McFarlane brought her glasses online in order to save money. Glasses shops online cut out a lot of costs, so the price of their products is much low. www.glasseshop.com is a good example. In this online shop, a wide choice of glasses, comparative prices, good services could be noticed.
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